Services HCE 4

HCE 4 offers different services to companies wishing to migrate to Economy 4.0 and build their Strategy 4.0, in the areas of finance, technology, management or marketing.

All these services have the advantage of benefiting from the expertise and strategic quality of Human Connection Economy 4.0.


You can take online courses, allowing you to quickly gain knowledge and a first-degree level of expertise.


You can organize an Economy 4.0 / HCE 4 conference among the members of your organization, with our approved experts.

Our seminars, ranging from 1 to 6 days, allow you to acquire advanced seminars that will help implement the HCE 4 Strategy into your company.

You can also benefit from HCE 4 coaching via phone or email, in order to help answer your individual questions and inquiries.

Audit 4.0 allows you to see where you are, what your strengths are and what areas you can improve to ensure your 4.0 positioning.

Transition 4.0 service is a package that allows an organization to migrate partially or totally into the Economy 4.0.

Finally, the HCE 4 Labels allow you to obtain a standardized and international recognition for your products, your services, your activities, etc.

You can display these Labels directly on your products and in your global communication.



Offered by experts approved by HCE 4, our services allow companies to integrate the HCE 4 concept as well as each of the four components of Strategy 4.0


HCE 4 conferences, workshops and seminars cover all aspects of Strategy 4.0, whether internally or externally


HCE 4 offers clients certification for products, services and activities, in order to value their Strategy 4.0 and their human and environmental outcome


Discover the Coaching-Consulting *Human Connection Economy 4.0* to assist you in the preparation, construction and implementation of your Strategy 4.0


Build and succeed your Transition 4.0 with HCE 4, starting with an Audit Strategy 4.0. Many options are possible


The HCE 4 invites you to discover the reference books on the subject, including the book Human Connection Economy 4.0 which is the foundation