HCE 4 Certification


The Economy 4.0 offers completely new perspectives in terms of consumption patterns and economic trends, from design to distribution and production.

The HCE 4, as an international referencing agency advises companies who wish to certify their products and services or their activities, in order to value their Strategy 4.0 and their human and environmental involvement and capitalize on their 4th Industrial Revolution reputation (Economy of the years 2020 - 2030).

It thus integrates a community of companies and other organizations which share similar values of connection to Humanity and entrepreneurial connection to the Planet.

What does the HCE 4 certification label stand for?

The humano-label is a certification issued by the International Federation HCE 4. It allows your company and its products to strengthen your image with future employees, suppliers, and customers assuring them that:


  1. Your company promotes and implements actions that enhance human values and principles for the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as those enhanced by the Human Connection Economy 4.0 concept.

  2. Your products and services empower your clients to progress in their personal journey by working on transforming challenges into opportunities

  3. Your company integrates technological 4.0 tools within its global strategy, while developing a global vision valuing the impact of your Strategy 4.0 on humans and the planet

  4. The entrepreneurial and financial strategy of your company complies with the values of authenticity and responsibility 4.0


The certification label assesses all four pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution of your company:

  • Strategy Technologies 4.0

  • Entrepreneurship & Finance Strategy 4.0

  • Human Management 4.0 ++

  • Human Marketing 4.0 ++


What areas can be certified?

These certification labels can have several dimensions;


  • Product(s)

  • Service(s)

  • Activities

  • Supply chain(s)

  • Company package(s)


…and aim to label the way in which Human Connection Economy 4.0 values are embodied.


The labels are issued after a phase of audits carried out by the Experts-Consultants of the HCE 4, according to the HCE 4 international certification protocol.

Why certify your company?

  • To enhance the human aspect of your business and adapt it to the Economy 4.0

  • To attract future customers who share your human and entrepreneurial values

  • To be part of an inspiring business community for the future

  • To be recognized as innovative in your strategies of business management

  • To show your proactivity in the face of societal and environmental challenges