Human Connection Economy 4.0

The Human Connection Economy 4.0 ( HCE 4 - www.hce4.com ) is the international federation, founded by Olivier Vidal International TM, which includes businesses and coach-consultants motivated by putting people and the planet at the heart of the new economy of the years 2020-2030, also called 4th Industrial Revolution.


As part of its launch in North America, Europe, and Latin America, HCE 4 built its international team of future coach-consultants freelancers, based on a rich partnership and a win-win for all. This is why we are recruiting in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.), in Francophone Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.), in Northern Europe (British Islands, German-speaking countries, Scandinavia, etc.), in Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc.), and Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, etc.). The coach freelancers are self-motivated to join this team and create a human-based exchange, where they can give a lot and also receive a lot from the team, whether in human, financial, environmental, professional & personal development.


The selected coach freelancers will be trained during the fall and winter of 2020-2021 to become the future coach-consultants of the HCE 4. They will start their work with HCE 4’s client companies in 2021. All the details of the missions and remunerations of the coach-consultants are available in the FAQ below. 


The action of the HCE 4 is based on values of entrepreneurial and personal excellence, as well as on our own human values which are described in this brief video: https://youtu.be/VUzJK2AgBZs

If you recognize yourself in these human values and you are motivated to build together a nurtured professional partnership, within an international framework - by transforming our differences into riches - then we invite you to send us your application (cf. datasheet to be completed on the last page). 




Enjoy reading the FAQ page. If after reading it you still have questions, please indicate them at the bottom of your application datasheet on the last page.

Wishing you a nice connected day,



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Human Connection Economy 4.0 International Federation

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The book "Human Connection Economy 4.0" is available at:



TEDx Arts & Métiers Lille 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9STeWHBZek


More info to move forward on this path:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OVidal_HCE4

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hce4/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HumanConnectionEconomy4/

Youtube: www.rebrand.ly/youtube/hce4 



What is the HCE 4?

It is the innovative professional federation that supports companies all over the world who wish to migrate towards the 4th industrial revolution (Economy 4.0). HCE 4 accomplishes this by integrating new forms of strategy, design, management and marketing, putting people and human connection at the heart of the company and all around them - "Human Connection Economy 4.0" - HCE 4.

The HCE 4 is the "Crossroads of Exchanges" and the Global Think Tank of the new Economy 4.0. Its work is based on the launch of the 4th industrial revolution by the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 2016:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpW9JcWxKq0 (11 minutes).

Summary of the video in 1 minute: https://youtu.be/qip-RsIdX9c

What is the WHY of the HCE 4 and what is the definition of the 4 th Industrial Revolution?

Our WHY and Collective Intelligence Mission is to: "Create accompaniments to place the human and the planet at the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution". For this, we start from the definition of the World Economic Forum of the 4th Industrial Evolution, which bases this economy 4.0 on New Technologies 4.0 (Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnologies, Humanoid robots, etc.). This definition therefore goes much further than what is called the "Full Digital Economy". To this technological approach, we add the response of the 4th Industrial Revolution to the human need now prevailing, that is to say Esteem 4.0, as explained in Olivier Vidal's book published in 2019. And this global approach is called the Human Connection Economy 4.0.

Initially, the place of humans in the 4th Industrial Revolution is not obvious. And in the extreme, if companies are not careful, humans could quickly find themselves in the service of machines, which would not be beneficial to consumers or businesses by ripple effect. This is why the HCE 4 has built the methodology of the Human Connection Economy 4.0 in order to put humans and the planet back at the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution, in companies with employees, and around with their clients. This is to ensure that the New Technologies 4.0 (NT4) are at the service of humans, and not the other way around; with Esteem 4.0 which enriches the products and services of this new Economy 4.0.

What tools is the work of the HCE 4 based on?

The HCE 4 uses advanced methods linked to the latest human development tools (neurosciences, quantum mechanics, psycho-corporal preparation, etc.). It draws in particular on the work of American epigeneticist Bruce Lipton (7-minute Bruce Lipton video "Reprogramming Your Beliefs”:


It also develops entrepreneurial tools which are divided into 4 areas: Financial & Entrepreneurial Strategy 4.0, Technological Strategy 4.0, Human Management Strategy 4.0++, Human Marketing Strategy 4.0++. The HCE 4 is the international crossroads of the 4.0 innovations of experts, or coaches specializing in these different fields, in order to develop the new collective intelligence 4.0 for the years 2020-2030.

In which regions of the world does the HCE 4 work?

Initially, the HCE 4 is developing its activities in North America, Europe and Latin America. The second phase of development will extend to the Japanese-South Korean zone and the rest of Asia. Work with clients is done in the national languages of each country. Internal work within HCE 4 is done in English, although individual exchanges with Olivier Vidal can also be done in French, Spanish and Brazilian.

Who works at HCE 4?

Six circles of contributors participate in the work of the HCE 4.

First circle: Historically, since 2017, around sixty professionals have contributed voluntarily to the development of the HCE 4 in all possible fields. And we would like to thank them here, because without them it would not have been possible to achieve the level of excellence offered today to our customers.

Second circle : Since January 2018, more than 1300 volunteers have registered for our laboratory where we test the content of our seminars. It is a loyal and passionate community that provided a lot of very rich and useful feedback. Thank you to all of you!

Third circle : Since April 2018, young graduates and students, in North America and in Europe, carry out junior-company style missions within the HCE 4. These Young Leaders are extremely inspiring people due to their courage and their daily involvement, where many other firms would stop looking and innovating. Thank you for your beautiful energy every day!

Fourth circle : This is the international team of HCE 4 coach-consultants which is referred to in this document. From fall 2020, the HCE 4 is recruiting coaches on the American and European continents to meet the needs of our future clients. Their missions are detailed later in this same document.

Fifth circle : This will be the circle of volunteers who will supervise the operation of the HCE 4 Foundation called : HCW (Human Connection World). This team will be formed in 2021 once the HCW’s financial base is formed. Information on the foundation is available at :


Sixth circle : These are international experts in NT4 (New Technologies 4.0) present on the 5 continents that the HCE 4 has identified as being the international technological referents in their field. From 2021, the HCE 4 will offer an international intermediation service between these international experts and companies, wherever they are looking for technological solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence, biotechnologies and humanoid robots, between other.

Apart from face-to-face seminars, most of these people work with each other remotely via international platforms such as zoom, skype, etc. To account for the different time differences, meetings are often held in the evening (European time), which corresponds to the morning on the American West Coast, or to the afternoon on the East Coast.

Who is Olivier Vidal and what is the genesis of the HCE 4 concept?

Olivier Vidal at 48, is the founding president of the HCE 4 Federation (Human Connection Economy 4.0 International Federation) and author of the book “Human Connection Economy 4.0”. He comes from a multidisciplinary background, working as an Engineer, Lecturer, Coach-Trainer in Financial & Entrepreneurial Strategy 4.0, Designer of Quantum Neuroscience 4.0 tools, and Consultant-Expert in Human Connection Economy 4.0. This career, coupled with his expertise in Technological and Human Strategy 4.0, has enabled him to fuel his pioneering research for more than 20 years. His professional career on five continents, and his in-depth knowledge of the world of Multinationals and Intermediate Companies, allow him to offer an innovative vision of Economy 4.0. This includes the new human needs 4.0 in this new phase which companies are opening up to.

What is the turnover of the HCE 4?

The HCE 4 is in its launch phase. The seminars should have begun in the spring of 2020. In view of the current circumstances, the start has been postponed to the winter 2020-2021. We develop relationships with professional associations in each country in order to offer free lectures on the 4th industrial revolution. The rest of the HCE 4 marketing strategy will be presented to you during the initial training if your application is successful.

Does HCE 4 have physical offices?

In fact, since all the people working at HCE 4 have their own office and they work remotely, HCE 4 does not need permanent offices. For seminars, rooms are rented in inspiring venues, such as these :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss53s3yxj8g .

We also use co-working spaces in America and Europe; as well as our Lyon Playfight room 300m from the Parc de la Tête d'Or ("Golden Head Park"):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGPh5xh9pbQ .

Where can I find more information on HCE 4 and its activities?

A lot of information can already be found on our website www.hce4.com

In addition to this, the first chapter of the book is available at:


The TEDx Arts & Métiers Lille 2019 on:


Our human values ​​on : https://youtu.be/VUzJK2AgBZs

The 4th Industrial Revolution in 1 minute: https://youtu.be/fppewxjw5hE

New Technologies at the service of All: https://youtu.be/wi82-YRLO58

And our social networks:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HCE4_EN

Linkedin : https://fr.linkedin.com/company/hce4

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HumanConnectionEconomy4/

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo8sE_5QFxzZQ45FWXYqx1w


What are the typical profiles and qualities sought by HCE 4 for its Coach-Consultants?

HCE 4 wishes to work with coach-consultants connected to the energy of Human Connection: https://youtu.be/VUzJK2AgBZsPeople who are connected to themselves, to the planet and to others. Who go out of their comfort zone every day, and who wish to transform each challenge into an opportunity. Coaches who connect with their shadows, bring them forward and work to transcend and transform them into something constructive for themself and for others. Individuals who are capable of magically handling emotional intelligence and collective intelligence. Those who help others who want to transcend their shadows; who don't need to use a social mask to express who they are. And especially people who do not take themselves too seriously and who love fun!

What are the missions of HCE 4 Coach- Consultants?

The main missions of HCE 4 Coach -Consultants are individual coaching sessions with participants in HCE 4 seminars once a month per client (duration approximately 1h-1h15) by zoom high-definition videoconference, unless the client prefers it conducted via phone call. Eventually, once the seminars have been launched, and taking into account the number of participants per seminar and the number of seminars each year, it may be a volume of sessions that can be counted in hours or even dozens of hours per month. Each coach indicating the maximum number they want to achieve monthly over the long term. However, some weeks may be busier than others. In fact, the schedules of each seminar are established for 6 months and are superimposed on each other.

The other missions of coach-consultants include contact with a new institutional partner (professional federation) and an internet partner (influencer-speaker) per week. These missions are remunerated with high level commissions (see question below).

Other optional missions in the fields of coaching, training, project management, etc., are possible and are detailed in the question below.

What are the different sources of remuneration for HCE 4 Coach-Consultants?

Remuneration is split between:

A / the minimum base which includes the coaching sessions and the 2 new contacts to be reached per week and to be followed over the long term (1 federation & 1 influencer). ;

B / other optional remunerated services;

C / the sevices gratified on their HCE 4 Smiles account. Coach-consultants best performing on the base stand and benefits " Smiles " are offered greater opportunities at the other paid services ;

D / Optional services remunerated for Coach-Consultants " Certified " by the HCE 4 (each service being validated individually by the HCE 4).

Here is the detail of the remuneration, expressed in US dollars excluding tax :

A / Minimum base (this base represents the indivisible commitment of HCE 4 coach-consultants):

  1. Individual coaching of seminar participants (1 session per month and per participant for 6 months): your usual B2B rate, with rates grouped by volume. You set the maximum number of sessions per month. For the clients you start, there is a 6-month engagement with them, at the rate of one session per month.
  2. Contacts with the professional federations (1 new federation per week): Once the free lecture on the 4 th Industrial Revolution has been negotiated with the federation (we offer a free lecture for their members), you earn a commission of $2,000 (two thousand dollars) per person registered for our 5-day seminars at the outcome of the conference (i.e. 11.5% commission on the seminars purchased, regardless of their duration). The coach-consultants wishing to contact more than a federation per week - to increase their chances of remuneration on enrollment – can indicate it in their datasheet at the end of this document.
  3. Contact with professional influencers (1 new influencer per week). Once the free conference has been negotiated (we offer them a free conference for their members), you get the same level of commission as for professional federations. The coach-consultants wishing to contact more influencers per week - to increase their chances of remuneration on enrollment - can indicate it in their datasheet at the end of this document.
  4. One hour per month (or 2 hours every two months) the coach-consultants supervise students motivated to advance towards the Human Connection Economy 0 (for a student or a group of students). And one hour per month also (or 2 hours every two months) the coach-consultants participate in the collective management of the team of coach-consultants. These 2 hours are paid for 1000 Smiles (500 x 2hrs) on their individual Smiles account (see part C /).

B / Optional remunerated services :

  1. Unlike the minimum base which is an inseparable and indivisible whole, the optional remunerated services can be chosen à la carte and vary over time. Commissions on clients that you bring in from your own network (excluding federations and HCE 4 influencers) : $3,000 per person registered for our 5-day seminars (= 17.25% commission on seminars purchased, regardless of their duration). These registered clients who are not part of the HCE 4 network allow you to be offered greater opportunities in terms of the other paid services below (placement of your own coaching or training services for example).
  2. Coach-consultants of all levels can apply for additional missions concerning the internal or external functioning of the HCE 4. A price is then negotiated case by case depending on whether it is work with clients or with other audiences (students, partners, experts, etc.).

3. It is also possible for the coach-consultants to carry out audits or coaching sessions within the framework of HCE 4 Audits in companies (except label), or audits within the framework of the delivery of the HCE 4 label.

C / Optional services rewarded in Smiles :

These services are rewarded in Smiles-HCE 4. These provide faster access to paid services (see A & B).

  1. Coach-consultants, having the possibility of giving conferences filmed and broadcast on youtube, and wishing to highlight their membership of HCE4.com as a coach-consultant (2 HCE 4 mentions among: name expressed orally, included in the title, link in the description or logo included in the video), can make the request, if possible one month before the conference (or if not, from the known period). This is in order to be able to coordinate optimally in the interest of all. They will be rewarded as HCE 4 Coach-Consultant (filmed conferences) with 4000 Smiles upon publication of the video + an additional amount varying according to the number of views over time : 100 views : 1000 smiles , 200 views : 2,000 smiles ( i.e. 1,000 smiles more than when 100 views were reached), 500 views : 3,000 smiles , 1,000 views : 4,000 smiles , 2,000 views : 5,000 smiles , 5,000 views : 6,000 smiles , 10,000 views : 7,000 smiles , etc.
  2. As you know, the HCE 4 has a foundation ( Human Connection World - HCW - https://www.hce4.com/foundation?lang=fr ) to benefit underprivileged children in the world of Human Connection 4.0 . The organizations with which we work on the 5 continents need to be trained for a week in the principles of the HCE 4 adapted for children. Coach-Consultants who volunteer to go on missions for a week in southern countries or other countries are fully reimbursed (transport, accommodation, food, etc.) and are awarded 18,000 smiles at the end of their mission.
  3. The Coach-Consultants that bring volunteers in the HCW are awarded 5 000 smiles per volunteer at the end of their first semester of volunteering.
  4. It is also possible to bring financial or other resources for the HCW Foundation, in which the coach-consultant is allocated a number of smiles equivalent to the amount in US dollars.

D / Optional remunerated services for " Coach-Consultants Certified " by HCE 4 (each service being validated individually by HCE 4) :

  1. According to their results on the minimum base (A), on optional paid services (B), and on services rewarded in Smiles (C), coach-consultants are offered the possibility of becoming an HCE 4 “Certified” member, allowing them to have the possibility of offering their individual coaching services to HCE 4 clients via hce4.com pages specifically dedicated to this. The remuneration rates for the coach-consultant are then the same as those negotiated at the basic level with a bonus of + 30%. The transaction is operated by Olivier Vidal InternationalTM and HCE 4, which sets its own prices with its customers. The difference between the two rates ensures the functioning of the HCE 4 and its HCW Foundation.
  2. Under the same conditions as the above point, the “Certified " coach-consultants also have the ability to offer some of their collective coaching services and training to HCE 4 customers via the network and websites. Prices to be negotiated when moving up to the “Certified” level.
  3. Possibility of co-facilitating HCE seminars 4. Coach-consultants with the required potential to be able to lead HCE 4 seminars and radiating a motivating energy within the whole team, can apply for the long term. There will be training spread over a year in order to be able to start these long-term co-activities. Prices to be negotiated when moving up to the “Certified” level.
  4. Possibility of carrying out training in the HCE 4 coaching school. Likewise, they can participate in the facilitation of HCE 4 coach training. Prices to be negotiated when moving up to the “Certified” level.

5. Under the same conditions as the above points, “Certified” coach-consultants can apply for additional highly complex missions concerning the internal or external functioning of HCE 4. A rate is then negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on whether it involves work with clients or with other audiences (students, partners, experts, etc.).

What can we do with the Smiles?

Smiles are implemented as an internal credit system specifically for HCE 4 Coach-Consultants. These Smiles enable the Coach-Consultants access to multiple services and products, such as:

  • books,
  • trainings,
  • seminars,
  • advertising spaces,
  • referencing,
  • professional supervision,
  • certifications,
  • individual audits,
  • etc.

The Smiles also allow Coach-Consultants the privilege to sell their own products and services under the HCE 4 banner. These include:

  • trainings,
  • coaching sessions,
  • premium coachings,
  • seminars,
  • consulting sessions,
  • books,
  • etc.

More information will be provided during the training sessions.

How are the individual coaching sessions with clients?

These are one hour sessions, with a maximum of 15 minutes of extra allowance. The sessions take place either by telephone or by videoconference (zoom) depending on the clients' wishes. Each client, who is the participant of the HCE 4 seminars, will choose a coach from the HCE 4 coach-consultants team. The objective is to support the client so that she/he finds in themself the solutions to their own challenges and allows their company to achieve their chosen seminar’s goals, namely "to migrate from the 3rd to 4th Industrial Revolution ”on one of the four HCE 4 pillars. The schedule of sessions is fixed jointly between the client and his coach. The frequency of sessions is one session per month per client. The maximum number of clients is set in advance by each coach-consultant.

How will contact with professional federations be conducted?

Each coach-consultant contacts a new professional federation every week. Contacts are made by telephone, to the contact person, who is usually the secretary to the president of the organization. We send them a letter by email beforehand. Then we offer them the HCE 4 book so that they can understand the concept of the Human Connection Economy 4.0. Finally, if they enjoyed the book, they are offered a free conference, online or in person at their premises, for their member companies. At the end of the conference, they are explained how they can apply for the HCE 4 seminars. You receive then a commission of several thousand US dollars per person registered (cf. A-2).

How long does the HCE 4 Coach- Consultant training last, and does it cost money?

The training of HCE 4 Coach-Consultants lasts huit evenings spread over 3 months at a rate of 2 to 3 evenings per month, every other Tuesday evening (every Tuesday of even weeks), from 1pm to 4:30pm (EST American time). The training costs $ 1,750. It is offered to partner coach-consultants with full attendance.

What is the importance of the HCE 4 Coach-Coonsultants training?

This training will provide the Coach-Consultants with the necessary preparation in order to provide coaching sessions in tune with the concepts and values of the HCE 4 for our various clients. The main objective of the HCE 4 is to accompany these customers toward placing the human and the planet at the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

With this training, HCE 4 Coach-Consultants will not only be able to provide the utmost excellence in terms of their coaching sessions with our clients, but will also transcend, with their new 4.0 skills, well beyond the level of most other coaches in our present day.

In what language will we work?

All work with HCE 4 clients is done in the language of their country. The individual meetings and discussions with Olivier Vidal are in English, however it can be in French, Spanish or Brazilian if necessary. The training of Coach-Consultants and exchanges within the team every other Tuesday are carried out in English in the presence of Coach-Consultants from the Americas and Europe.

Apart from training, what are the other interactions within the Coach-Consultants HCE 4 team?

The idea is to create a real solidarity and united team, just like we did for the first 3 circles. For this, we must adopt two complementary approaches; one collective and the other individual.

1 / Collective approach: At the end of the training, team-buildings are organized every other Tuesday evening (odd-numbered weeks) in order to exchange at the level of collective supervision, exchange practices (analysis of the practice) and develop team cohesion (team-building).

2 / Individual approach: Each month, each of the coach-consultants (CC) oversees another coach-consultant for 40 minutes. And she / he has himself / herself supervised by a CC of the team 40 minutes per month.

When do we get paid?

The coach-consultants validated at the end of the 3 months of initial training are paid between the 5th and the 10th, monthly, by bank transfer. This includes all services received from clients the previous month, and all coaching sessions carried out the previous month. To date, it is expected that the first coaching sessions will start one to three months after the end of the initial training.

What types of companies will we be working with?

The first companies to be affected by a new industrial revolution (IR) are the large multinationals, because it takes significant financial resources to enter a new era during its initial years (period 2020-2030). Once large companies have entered this new IR, other companies and organizations will then enter (period 2025-2040): SMEs, VSEs, Public Structures, NGOs, etc. Among large companies, the following industries are the most responsive: Services, Telecoms, IT, Electronics, Distribution, etc. Multinational companies in these sectors are therefore part of our main targets, although it will be possible to work with other types of industries, and with SMEs, or other types of structures.

What regions of the world will HCE 4 Coach-Consultants come from?

At first, they will come from all over Europe & Mediterranean, North America and Latin America. The second wave of coach-consultants will come from the Japan-Korea-China area, the rest of Asia, Oceania and Africa.

What are the working hours and are they flexible?

Apart from the training which usually takes place in the evening (European time) for reasons of time difference between Europe and the American west coast, and with some exceptions, all of the other coach-consultant missions can be carried out at schedules decided by the coach-consultants themselves, with their HCE 4 clients.Therefore, there are no working hours strictly speaking, and flexibility is possible.

What type of contract is signed with the HCE 4 as a Coach-Consultant?

The legal contracts governing the commercial relationship between the HCE 4 and its Coach-Consultants are:

- A framework estimate indicating the prices relating to the services seen in the base (part A).

- The General Conditions of Sale of the HCE 4

The other services are the subject of additional quotes validated together on a case-by-case basis.

How long does the partnership last?

The partnership is for an indefinite period. Each partner can withdraw from the contract with a prior notice of 2 months.

Is it possible to continue my freelance work in addition to that with the HCE 4?

Yes of course, this is the objective. In the long term, for the coach-consultants who wish it, the HCE 4 missions could constitute the majority or even a large part of their professional activity.

Is the work done online (remote working) or face-to-face?

The work is carried out remotely, with some exception. As for physical interventions during face-to-face seminars, these are subject to prior agreement decided jointly.

Do you need to have a car to be an HCE 4 Coach-Consultant?

No there is no need to have a car or a driving license.

Will there be travel required overseas?

No because the work is carried out remotely. For the only exceptions which are not obligations, for example as regards physical interventions during face-to-face seminars, these are then the subject of a prior agreement decided jointly. Travel is therefore optional within the framework of the partnership and accomodated by HCE 4.

What happens if I can't come to a session?

Whether it is for the initial training or for the other Tuesday evenings (collective approach), in the event of a planned absence (prevent 8 days before) or in the event of force majeure (accident or family death, upon proof), it is possible to carry out an individual remedial session within the following 10 days, in order to validate the coach-consultant course. This is paid in advance, at the half of the price of a 1h-1h15 session as contracted with HCE 4 in the framework estimate.

What happens if I move?

As long as you can ensure your commitments vis-à-vis the HCE 4, nothing happens since everything is carried out via teleworking / remote working. If a problem arises and one day you are unable to ensure a commitment and you cannot find an agreement with the HCE 4 client, then you must immediately notify the HCE 4 secretary so that a replacement solution can be found to ensure to the customer the best possible quality of service.

How do we exchange our personal website links with that of the HCE 4?

The HCE 4 lists all of its validated and active Coach-Consultants on its website (name, photo, logo, web link). From the start of their HCE 4 training, each coach-consultant places the HCE 4 link and logo on their site, on the home page or on the link page directly accessible via the home page.

In conclusion ...

You should not come to HCE 4 if: 

- You don't have time to devote to it         

- An international environment does not interest you         

- Putting people and the planet at the heart of companies with the energies of Human Connection and Love Power seems "Care Bears" to you            

- Work in a high level of excellence related to Multinational companies does not inspire you         

- You are not interested in building the new world 4.0 with the values ​​of HCE 4:           


- You already know everything and have nothing to learn         

- Expressions: collective intelligence, business intuition, life mission of the company, transcendence of shadows, connected creativity, seem like "nice utopias" to you   



And we are made to go a long way together if: 

- You want to join a multidisciplinary team where everyone brings their richness and their differences         

- The differences of countries, continents, cultures, and languages ​​are a source of exchange and personal and collective enrichment for you         

- You don't care if you make mistakes when speaking English, because you know that no one is judging you         

- You want to help ensure that the New Technologies 4.0 of today and tomorrow integrate people and the planet at their heart         

- You have understood that everything is energy and that this energy is a powerful source of individual and collective growth         

- Putting people and the planet at the center of businesses and the economy is one of your professional and personal priorities         

- You are aware that doing nothing today at the environmental level means not ensuring a viable planet for our children         

- For you, internal and external challenges are as many growth opportunities for individuals and groups         

- Finally, you know how to be serious without taking yourself seriously, and that fun is part of your professional values!            


In this case, we will be happy to welcome you to a team that shares your values. This is for the best: the service we offer our clients, your medium and long-term professional career, and the economy of the 2020-2030s that we are going to help build together!  





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And to send to: contact@hce4.com