Discover the Economy 4.0,
the Human Connection Economy 4.0
and the International Federation HCE 4


In January 2016, the Davos World Economic Forum announced the entry of the world economy into the 4th Industrial Revolution: Economy 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, itself a product of Industry 4.0, is based on New Technologies 4.0, such as Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnologies, Humanoid Robots, etc.

However, these technologies are only the visible surface of the new Economy 4.0. As seen below, the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution lies at the scale of human evolutions that lead us to adopt another relation to ourselves and others.


- your sales of your 4.0 ranges by 25%*.
- the profitability of your 4.0 ranges by 50%*.
- your capacity for innovation 4.0 by 150%*
- the penetration rate of your 4.0 products by 200%*.
- 40%* of your employees are passionate about their work
- the rate of direct referrals by your customers to their family or friends around 50%*
* low range - Data HCE 4 - 2017-2020


For 20 years, Olivier Vidal has been working on the links between economic development and human development. The results of his work, published in his book Human Connection Economy 4.0, explain what lies at the heart of this new industrial revolution 4.0 .



This book begins by explaining which needs, human and societal, have been met by each of the three previous industrial revolutions, within populations, from the 18th century to 2015.

Following the launch of the 4th industrial revolution by the
World Economic Forum in Davos in 2016, Olivier Vidal was able to show what new types of human needs the Economy 4.0 responds to. Thanks to this, today we have a clear vision of how companies can approach this new industrial revolution, from a financial, technological and human point of view.

Indeed, HCE 4 explains how to achieve ambitious financial goals, meeting the deep needs of customers and employees in this
new Economy 4.0 .

Maslow Pyramid - En_edited.png



Olivier Vidal is the creator of the HCE 4 Federation (Human Connection Economy 4.0 International Federation) and the concept of the Human Connection Economy 4.0. His multidisciplinary background as an Author, Engineer, Business and Finance Coach, and Human Connection Expert Consultant, coupled with his expertise in Quantum Neuroscience, has allowed him to reflect for nearly 20 years on the economy of the years 2020-2030. Today, he proposes an innovative vision of the Economy 4.0 that includes the new human needs in this new phase that is opening up to us.

As a leader, gradually turning our customers and employees into true ambassadors for our company allows us to use this industrial revolution as a springboard. Because a win-win partnership is being forged between our company, our employees and our customers, for the financial, technological and human well-being of our group.

The Human Connection Economy is the concept that allows us to ride the wave of Economy 4.0. It consists of 2 pillars:

  • Human Management 4.0++ enriches the link between our company and our employees, in order to create a level of influence that is visibly perceptible from the outside.

  • Human Marketing 4.0++ opens the doors to creating a true win-win partnership between us and our clients.


The Human Connection Economy 4.0 International Federation brings together all actors interested in advancing the Economy 4.0.

It therefore brings together, first and foremost, companies that want to learn about what Economy 4.0 is and how to successfully implement its Strategy 4.0.

It also includes Services 4.0 providers, experts in Human Connection Economy 4.0, capable of supporting companies to migrate to the 4th Industrial Revolution, in a relevant and efficient way.

Consequently, the role of the Human Connection Economy 4.0 International Federation is to accompany companies in all aspects of their Strategy 4.0: Financial, Technological and Human.

Entrepreneurial & Financial Strategy 4.0

Technology Strategy 4.0

Human Strategy 4.0

As leaders, the Human being, made up of our employees and customers, will become the main wealth of our companies and enable them to transform challenges into opportunities.

Indeed, the companies that will be able to grow their customers with them, in a win-win partnership, will be the most inspiring and successful companies in the Economy 4.0.

The Economy 4.0 is underpinned by a new wave of technology:    Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnologies, Humanoid Robots, etc. As a result, it offers both extraordinary opportunities for human progress and risks that we will have to control.
                                              Two questions arise, in particular:
                                              How can we ensure that these new tools can be harmoniously integrated into companies?
                                             How can these new technologies help companies integrate the human concepts of the Human Connection Economy 4.0?


We answer these questions in our seminars.

When you are a manager, from the moment that each employee finds the place that he or she is passionate about and that really corresponds to him or her, harmony is possible between work objectives, skills and passions, in a win-win state of mind, for everyone.

In the same way, when one of your customers finds the right fit, thanks to your company, and you invite them to become one of your ambassadors, a new and enriching relationship begins, for them as well as for you.

And the resulting impact on your performance is truly positive.